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When the marae first arrived it was stood on top of forty four gallon drums where it remained until it was gutted and renovated.

Once when Tawhirimātea blew it off the drums and another time when the building was flooded, the community came together to help with the repairs and renovations as necessary. Students also pitched in to help renovate the marae. Back in the eighties Māori arts and crafts was a subject and during lesson time students would help with the carvings, paintings and tukutuku panels inside the marae. Back then Taita College had a combined PolyClub where students would perform each other’s cultures, a tradition we continue today, and Pasifika were also instrumental with work done on the whare and the establishment of the marae.

The Taita College community is embedded in the tukutuku panels within the whare of the marae. The community took a Māori idea and put their own insignia into it. Cultures that can be seen within the tukutuku panels in the whare are Tongan, Samoan, Niuen, Asian, African, European, Cook Island and Māori. The roof panel of the marae is a motif taken from Ngati Toa (Ngāti Toarangatira) carvings.