School Policies

The policies and procedure documents shown on this page have been created and approved by the Board of Trustees to ensure the smooth and successful operation of the school, as well as to make sure the school meets its legal obligations.

Please feel free to contact the school if you wish to discuss any of these policies.

Regular attendance is the biggest predictor of success at college. Punctuality and attendance are major indicators of future employability. Only very important events or sickness should be permitted to interfere with regular and punctual attendance at school.

  • All absence should be accounted for by a phone call on the day or a note from a parent/caregiver when the child returns.
  • Please phone when an absence of more than two days is likely.
  • Students leaving the grounds during the school day must sign out at the main office, presenting a letter from their parent/caregiver in explanation.
  • Students returning to school or coming in late must sign in at the office with a letter.

  • A sick or injured student must report to the main office.
  • Only when a parent/caregiver has been contacted and can take care of the student will the student be released from college, except in an emergency.
  • Please keep the college informed of any change to your address or phone numbers.

  • The purpose of uniform is to pomote a learning environment where students feel safe and secure.
  • Uniform helps give your child identity and a sense of belonging to Taita College
  • Peer pressure is one of the strongest influences that your child will face. Uniforms assist parents and students in resisting peer pressure and enable staff to easily identify your child on or off the school site such as trips etc.

Policy and Procedure Information

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